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El próximo día 25 de marzo celebraremos la I JORNADA INSIGHT REGULATORIO. Estamos muy ilusionados con este primer evento que hemos organizado para nuestros clientes y colaboradores. Las ponencias abordarán temas de regulación financiera y cumplimiento normativo de máxima actualidad: riesgo de liquidez y MiFID II. Pretendemos con las charlas esclarecer dudas sobre los requisitos impuestos para las entidades financieras. Los ponentes, Juan del Busto y José María Olivares, son respetados expertos en sus respectivos campos y estamos orgullosos de poder contar con ellos. El evento tendrá lugar en el salón Alfonso XIII del Hotel Ritz, en pleno centro de …

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Cui bono? Or the art of code reusing

It is possible for shoemakers to ask themselves whether their art can be applied to make a clog.

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Spanish bank upgrades to Murex’s MX.3 with Optimissa

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of a Murex upgrade to version MX.3 at a banking institution.

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Our culture fosters both entrepreneurship and autonomy. From your first day at Optimissa, you will strengthen our clients and help lead them to success. You will be able to enjoy an exciting and challenging job.

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Quo vadis: Programmer’s Philosophy

In any science worth its salt, acknowledging certain elements as the right ones because they have been accepted by the community is rather normal. Some of those assumptions have been sitting on the racks for so long that the perspective of any new idea not supported by the community causes rejection, although they show signs of reality. This is what it is currently happening, and not from a historical point of view, but from a formal and practical one, even within the same concept.

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Last October 31, my third work anniversary in this firm crept on me. Now nobody is listening… during my first few months here not even I believed this moment would arrive. I wasn’t fifteen years old, but I believe that back then, and despite having some experience in consultancy …    

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Optimissa has launched its 2015 Scolarship Programme, with grants awarded to fund a master’s degree specialised in finance during the academic year 2015-2016. Once the application period finished, the first members of the staff who have been awarded the scholarship will start their studies in the IEB (Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles) on 16 January.    

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Invercaixa vs Optimissa: the challenge

  On Tuesday, 16 December, the first Christmas Basketball Challenge Invercaixa vs Optimissa took place at the Centro Deportivo Municipal Gimnasio Moscardó, in the heart of the Salamanca district in Madrid. At two o’clock in the afternoon, the two perfectly uniformed teams performed their final stretches and practice lay-ups. They were eager to show that Pau Gasol’s or Ricky Rubio’s replacement should not be sought in the lower basketball leagues, but at the trading desks and software development centres. Everything was ready for the ultimate battle: parquet flooring, leather basketballs, official referees from the Spanish Basketball Federation… and twenty players …

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Empresas que motivan: Optimissa Capital Markets Consulting

  This entry is only available in Spanish · 26 de Noviembre de 2014 – Charlamos con Eugenia Ponte, directora de Recursos Humanos de Optimissa Capital Markets Consulting, empresa cliente de Edenred, sobre motivación, productividad, talento… ¿Cómo entendéis la motivación desde Optimissa Capital Markets Consulting? Entendemos la motivación a nuestros empleados como un valor fundamental. Nosotros no producimos objetos, sino que nuestro principal capital es el valor humano que ofrecemos a nuestros clientes y que nos diferencia, cuando el trabajo de nuestros colaboradores es mejor que lo “normal”. ¿Qué beneficios creéis que tiene para la buena marcha de la empresa …

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Optimissa and the City

The thing I love best about my work with Optimissa? Travelling to new and exciting places. New York was top of my To-Do list and I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time just as Optimissa were in the process of expanding their client base in New York. So a few short weeks after discussions with the client, I found myself boarding a plane and leaving Madrid, which had been my home for the last year, bound for New York.    

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