Entities operating in the financial system experience continuous needs for messaging integration between the different applications they use. It is imperative for information to flow between internal and external systems: standard market platforms, risk management, back-office, confirmation and accounting. Solving your integration challenge, while managing messaging transformation and flows, is a must.

Messaging integration, transformation and monitoring

2Map® is Optimissa’s enhanced messaging integration software, which makes it possible to connect more systems and business applications than ever before. It supports the transmission of a high volume of data by leveraging a flexible messaging converter with a powerful integration bus. This secure and reliable route between your applications ensures that the information you need is available and accessible exactly when you need it. 2Map goes beyond its integration capabilities and also allows for detailed online status monitoring of each message, giving you full control over your information flows.

Build it up

We rely on a library of connectors to enable the reception and issuing of messages in multiple formats. Our library includes connectors such as SWIFT, Markit and Bloomberg AIM. 2Map can be built up gradually according to your needs in this way, reducing the cost of constantly updating applications for specific message formats and achieving maximum scalability so you are always a step ahead. The platform is able to execute the logic needed to manage events and messages.


· Fast and reliable
· Highly scalable, as it grows with your business needs
· Supports your message and file volume requirements
· Provides status monitoring and puts you in control by offering statistical information
· Email alerts can be set up according to your specified parameters
· A mapping feature allows to transform messages by creating and editing maps


· It is possible to edit and resend orders within the system, avoiding interruption of business flows
· The platform can be modified and extended at a low cost by adding only the necessary connectors
· The great reliability of the platform means an operational risk reduction
· The need for expensive hardware and software is reduced, as systems can be connected to each other without any change to them


· Monitor and quickly resolve exceptions from the dashboard
· Edit and resend orders through the Order Management window
· Access detailed information for each order

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Integration between Markit and Murex

Implementation of 2Map in a Spanish financial institution mainly offering banking services. September 2014.


The changing needs of banking corporations, brought by regulations that are increasingly demanding, have made it imperative for them to rely on a flexible and dynamic structure. This minimises the impact of continuously adapting the organisation to new requirements.


Under the regulatory requirements imposed by the EMIR directive, banks must lower their counterparty risk when trading in the market. Financial institutions have therefore started to use clearing houses in order to translate counterparty risk to them. Some clearing houses impose technological restrictions, requiring standardised channels of communication or to go through specific market applications, such as MarkitWire.

This is the reason why the client must integrate its front office and back office platforms with these applications. Some key benefits would be to achieve automated communications with clearing houses and avoid having to allocate trades twice, diminishing operational risk and the structural cost involved in manual processes.


The financial institution needed an agile and dynamic integration between platforms, were they market standard or otherwise. 2Map fitted this requirement, and did not limit the message types that can be integrated. It could also be easily adapted to the particular workflows of the client, which was one of the management’s priorities.

Another feature of 2Map that made it the solution chosen by the financial institution was that it could offer integration to additional platforms just by incorporating the required connectors and messaging dictionaries into the system structure. This provides maximum scalability and lowers the cost, making it the most viable solution.


By implementing 2Map, the client could integrate Murex and MarkitWire platforms in both ways. This allowed the trades that used to be entered manually in Murex by the front office to be sent through automatically to MarkitWire. On the other direction, the events entered in MarkitWire, either by the institution or by the counterparty, will travel straight through to Murex and update the application.

The implementation was completed in a short space of time and keeping to the set timescales, which made it possible to comply with the EMIR regulations when required.

Optimissa 2map


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· Integration Markit to Murex

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