Single Dealer Platforms (SDPs) are increasing in popularity due to the flexibility and streamlining they bring to the distribution process. In order to open new supply channels for clients, the current market is leaning towards wholesale distribution. This trend calls for a service model that allows direct access to new markets by removing intermediary channels, speeding up processes.

Optimissa has created a proprietary platform that offers electronic multi-asset trading and workflow centralisation. 2Trade® is an intermediary layer between the multiple channels that might already exist, with a flexible architecture adaptable to any environment. Leveraging our experience in electronic markets development, we have designed a simple and comprehensive tool that enables our clients to expand their distribution desks.


2Trade has a powerful service layer that enables connectivity with all the systems required. This architecture allows for scalability, user profiling, and STP interaction with multiple channels. The system will be tailored to your needs with readily available connectors to your chosen standard market platforms.

Multi-asset platform

FX · Fixed Income · Money Markets · Equity


The main business processes can be created, monitored and managed in one electronic platform, from pricing and validation to real-time execution. The application allows for flexibility and is fully adaptable to the different workflows used by each client.


· Connectivity with multiple electronic markets
· Retail and trading pricing
· Client and tier management
· Internal distribution of prices


· Pre-trade worflows
· Credit limits
· Sanity checks
· Compliance features: MiFID, EMIR, etc.


· Real-time pricing
· Request for Quotation management (RFQs)
· Real-time streaming
· Order workflow management


2Trade exponentially increases the accessibility to different markets, making it possible to reach retail clients. It also optimises business and IT resources by giving them the independence each department requires.


Increased client range, ability to widen access to different distribution channels.


Ability to accommodate clients’ own workflows, in-house risk management.


Independent functionality from the pricing engines in use.


Flexible connectivity to a variety of electronic markets and pricing engines, bespoke integration.


The main screen appears empty by default, allowing new users to tailor it by adding the currency pairs or fixed income and money market products they need. This unique interface has a responsive design that, when accessed from tablets and smartphones, returns optimised layouts depending on the device used. You can always contact us for further information.


Distribution platform for Institutional clients and Online Banking

Implementation of 2Trade in a Spanish national bank. October 2014.


Our client is a retail bank who offers a comprehensive portfolio of global products and services. Corporate clients are one of its strengths. Their management’s aspiration is to widen the range of clients they work with and become a reference name across every client sector, from brokers to the end users.


The management of the bank recognised that, without the right technology, they would have to rely on their sales network in order to distribute their FX products. Implementing a single dealer platform that allowed them to reach the end user was key.

The client also wanted an internal application that would ensure price integrity across the bank by centralising the different sources and tools used in the calculation of prices.


The bank requested proposals from several providers. The selection of 2Trade was based on the additional features that distinguish it from its competitors, such as the scalability it offers, as it is an all-in solution, or the ability to carry out retail and wholesale pricing. Another differentiating element was the intuitive and user-friendly interface, which not only is accessible from mobile devices, but also has a responsive design. One of the most important factors in choosing 2Trade was that it is a solution highly adaptable to the local market.

Aside from the technology, the client team also valued the quality of Optimissa’s people and their business knowledge, as they already were one of their leading software solutions providers.


The first stage, which took place in the first few weeks, was a comprehensive analysis of the internal systems that were in use and the infrastructure on which the client was relying. The next part of the implementation was the software integration. Lastly, customisation of the interaction with other external and internal systems took place.

The implementation of 2Trade has meant that the bank can now rely on an extended distribution desk and have access to more clients than ever before. While corporate clients are offered exclusive access, it is also possible to offer white labelling for smaller entities and to reach the end client through the bank’s own retail website, which is integrated with 2Trade.


Optimissa 2trade


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· Distribution platform for Institutional clients and Online Banking

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