Financial markets have become reliant on communication using the FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocol. FIX messaging has led to the appearance of a number of networks and vendor systems. A suitable service allows you to connect with entities that already use it. By using this standardised communication, the need to rely on customised solutions is minimised.

Straight-forward FIX server

FixWay® is a FIX messaging standard server. With this stand-alone application, you can integrate the delivery of messages, increasing the efficiency of banking transactions, which are executed with the highest quality. It offers support for all FIX versions. FixWay also has the ability to integrate more than two applications, significantly simplifying business workflows. At our company, we have a deep insight into the FIX world that we have applied in the development of our solution and that our implementation experts show in every project.

Enable your connectivity with distribution and trading platforms

Coping with the current trading volumes and emerging venues is a significant challenge. Enhance your trading capacity by enabling trading applications while avoiding connectivity latency and using software that is robust enough. Integration with your architecture is fast and easy due to the availability of a wide range of adapters. FixWay offers full comprehensive support, even for the latest versions of FIX. Different integration layers can be added for new applications which you wish to link, simplifying counterparty connectivity.

Comprehensive online monitoring through visual summaries

Monitor your messages and sessions at a glance through dashboard-style graphs.


· Customisable
· Scalable architecture: just add an integration layer to extend your network with another application
· Ability to monitor open sessions
· Consistent low latency


· New investment opportunities are open by enabling access to distribution platforms
· Low-cost solution that offers the reliability of QuickFix, a standard and popular engine
· Operational risk is reduced by improving the quality of transaction execution and avoiding lost messages

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Connecting to FX liquidity providers

Implementation of FixWay in a top tier national banking institution with an international presence. July 2014.


The client uses both internal and third-party systems for price distribution and execution, which is offered exclusively to corporate clients. The bank makes the decision to find a solution that will enable them to offer its services to external clients outside of the corporation. The option that best suits their requirements is to host an in-house FIX messaging platform that will allow external entities to connect with the bank’s internal systems.


It is essential for the client to rely on an internal FIX engine that can be integrated with multiple internal systems within the corporation that do not incorporate this protocol natively. The Technology Manager at the bank recognises the complexity involved in adapting the necessary connectors to enable the use of internal systems that were at very different evolutionary stages: “Given the diversity and complexity of the platforms involved, the biggest challenge was the development of the adaptation components, which would allow a smooth translation of business logic into FIX messaging.”


Technical and business specialist teams at the bank started a viability analysis and carried out an evaluation of the cost of externally-hosted versus in-house solutions. According to the stated requirements of a robust and flexible solution that was easy to manage and monitor internally, they concluded that FixWay would be the optimum choice. Optimissa’s expert consultants initiated the implementation of FixWay and carried out a review of all the systems involved. This led to a series of recommendations to enhance the client’s processes and organisation. The result was an improvement in the efficiency of the internal components, as well as a significant and immediate cost-reduction in licences and third-party systems.


Optimissa successfully completed the implementation and launch of FixWay, enabling the bank to create new business opportunities and therefore maximising their return on investment. As a representative of the client’s management team pointed out, “FixWay is a solution that perfectly fits our FIX messaging needs.” The application not only instantly answers the need to add an in-house FIX-messaging solution, but it also provides a way to review and improve the efficiency of the different systems with which it connects.

Optimissa Fixway


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Case Studies

· Connecting to FX liquidity providers

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