Invercaixa vs Optimissa: the challenge

  On Tuesday, 16 December, the first Christmas Basketball Challenge Invercaixa vs Optimissa took place at the Centro Deportivo Municipal Gimnasio Moscardó, in the heart of the Salamanca district in Madrid. At two o’clock in the afternoon, the two perfectly uniformed teams performed their final stretches and practice lay-ups. They were eager to show that Pau Gasol’s or Ricky Rubio’s replacement should not be sought in the lower basketball leagues, but at the trading desks and software development centres. Everything was ready for the ultimate battle: parquet flooring, leather basketballs, official referees from the Spanish Basketball Federation… and twenty players …

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Empresas que motivan: Optimissa Capital Markets Consulting

  This entry is only available in Spanish · 26 de Noviembre de 2014 – Charlamos con Eugenia Ponte, directora de Recursos Humanos de Optimissa Capital Markets Consulting, empresa cliente de Edenred, sobre motivación, productividad, talento… ¿Cómo entendéis la motivación desde Optimissa Capital Markets Consulting? Entendemos la motivación a nuestros empleados como un valor fundamental. Nosotros no producimos objetos, sino que nuestro principal capital es el valor humano que ofrecemos a nuestros clientes y que nos diferencia, cuando el trabajo de nuestros colaboradores es mejor que lo “normal”. ¿Qué beneficios creéis que tiene para la buena marcha de la empresa …

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Optimissa and the City

The thing I love best about my work with Optimissa? Travelling to new and exciting places. New York was top of my To-Do list and I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time just as Optimissa were in the process of expanding their client base in New York. So a few short weeks after discussions with the client, I found myself boarding a plane and leaving Madrid, which had been my home for the last year, bound for New York.    

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Optimissa expands in Barcelona

Optimissa has just opened its brand-new office in Sabadell (Barcelona). This new opening strengthens our commitment to local clients by providing them with a personalised service. An excellent team based in the new location will offer the same portfolio of solutions, methodologies and quality found in our headquarters. With this new addition, Optimissa continues its expansion plan, which has allowed the firm to consolidate and build up its client portfolio. The company now boasts five offices located in London, New York, Madrid and Barcelona from which we make our experience and specialisation available to these markets. The contact details of …

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Optimissa loves summer basket

Optimissa has sponsored the first 3pá3 Summer Basketball Tournament, which took place on the 12th of July in Madrid. Sixteen teams participated in this event and shared the spirit of the tournament sponsored by Optimissa: “I love summer basketball”. Today we interview Edu Ramos, creator and organiser of the competition. Optimissa: What inspired you to create this event from scratch? There must already be other sports events in which to participate… Edu Ramos: That’s right. It was precisely the great amount of sports competitions like this that prompted my two partners in the organisation and me to ask ourselves… why …

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Optimissa’s 6th anniversary

We are celebrating Optimissa’s sixth anniversary this week. From the beginning, we have invested in dedication, work, enthusiasm and passion so that our first steps were posible and, after six years, we are proud of the long road we have traveled and of everyone who has accompanied us, has joined efforts and shared our passion. Thanks to all of you who make Optimissa: clients, providers, consultants and staff for doing your job with the excellence that defines us so we can grow bigger every day. Congratulations!    

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Bit I see, bit I want

Before object-oriented programming, developing was quite easy in terms of architecture and design. C or assembler did not play a big part except for a few optimisation algorithms for binary trees or bounded lists. With the arrival of object-oriented programming, this started to change. Design patterns…    

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Optimissa discovering new opportunities

As I write this having driven through the floodplains of England, having interacted with people in the ice cities of Toronto and New York and jealously to those in warmer climates such as Singapore and Dubai and indeed my Head Office City – Madrid– via Skype, phone, webex , email, – I ask myself – is climate change related to changes in communication? I decide not (though I am not sure) but do realise how far we have come – how easy it is to correspond. I remember doing the daily call with New York in the Eighties as a …

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Running with Optimissa

After nearly one year in Spain and one year working for Optimissa I participated in the “Carrera de las Empresas”, which by now with my ‘expert’ grasp of the Spanish language (!) means “Race of the Companies”. I was initially concerned about the ‘race’ part of the event title but was assured that it was a fun event and not competitive. More on that later… So turning up at the race early on a cold Sunday morning was the first challenge. Everybody had arrived except Matt and Ruben. T-shirts and entry numbers were distributed but no sign of the missing …

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Terminamos el 2013 con más deporte

This entry is only available in Spanish · “En Navidades, los consultores de Optimissa no descansan. Miquel Alonso es un ejemplo de una persona dinámica que es capaz de superarse cada día. Os dejamos una breve reseña de sus impresiones de las últimas competiciones en las que ha participado” Cursa RACC 2013 – 10km – 2013/12/15 Otra mañana de domingo de carrera running de 10km, pero esta carrera tiene una peculiaridad, el recorrido no es urbano ni a través de naturaleza ni mixto, ¡el recorrido es un circuito de Fórmula 1 de Barcelona! Se levanta el sol y comienza a …

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