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A few months have been enough for us to become established on the Portuguese market and set up our business in Marquês de Pombal, one of the most valued business areas in Lisbon. .

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Monterrey es la segunda ciudad escogida por Optimissa para ampliar su campo de acción en el país. Hemos inaugurado el pasado 1 de noviembre una nueva oficina situada en la zona financiera de San Pedro Garza, el centro financiero más significativo del Norte de la república mexicana. Ampliamos así la rama latinoamericana de nuestro Intelligence Centre, desde donde ofrecemos a nuestros clientes servicios tanto de consultoría de negocio como de desarrollo de software. · Más sobre el Intelligence Centre La nueva sede, liderada por un Project Manager con extensa experiencia en proyectos para el sector financiero, servirá como punto de …

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We are pleased to have our Mexican talents in our Madrid office for this period of intensive immersion. The arrival of the participants in the Talent Challenge marks the beginning of the internationalisation of our Intelligence Centre, since the teams from both sides of the ocean will have the opportunity to exchange their knowledge and to start working hand by hand.

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Optimissa and the City

The thing I love best about my work with Optimissa? Travelling to new and exciting places. New York was top of my To-Do list and I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time just as Optimissa were in the process of expanding their client base in New York. So a few short weeks after discussions with the client, I found myself boarding a plane and leaving Madrid, which had been my home for the last year, bound for New York.    

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Optimissa: Madrid to New York (September 2013)

Calle Serrano, Aug 19th, the day was dawning in Madrid while we were practising, sitting in a bank on the Street, Yacov’s his interview in the American embassy. After opening London, kicking off our first projects there, and coming back from a month in Toronto with the luggage full of work, we are eventually crossing the Atlantic sea with a long term project.    

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