Optimissa discovering new opportunities

Optimissa discovering new opportunities

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www JohnAs I write this having driven through the floodplains of England, having interacted with people in the ice cities of Toronto and New York and jealously to those in warmer climates such as Singapore and Dubai and indeed my Head Office City – Madrid– via Skype, phone, webex , email, – I ask myself – is climate change related to changes in communication?

I decide not (though I am not sure) but do realise how far we have come – how easy it is to correspond.

I remember doing the daily call with New York in the Eighties as a Market Maker – stood next to a phone box in the West End of London – on a mobile phone bigger than the phone box – and making sure on FXFX page of Reuters and my Pad (with no eyes) – that our ADR positions were in the money (hopefully).

I remember discovering email in my days later as an agency trader – The fun we had in its first iterance – mailing people opposite you in the office to ask if they wanted a coffee (I think this was the initiation of the lazy office worker) – AOL chat before its time.

Now the kids teach us technology and we tell them to get off their phones, laptops and get outside.

One thing however I have learned is that as much as we want our kids to have face time (real face time)with friend’s – we also need this in business –

Many stories on Linked in and other social networks invoke the message that relationships grow with the people you like to deal with.

I think its only natural, internationally, that you speak more with people on the phone in business if you know that person, have met them and like to deal with them.

We are always learning and at Optimissa, I am still learning and appreciating new cultures – and the close trust relationship Spanish people have with their clients –the work ethic to deliver– and with their staff.

From inception this has grown in Optimissa in Spain – I have met some of the clients and can see this myself. Now as we expand , I hope we can replicate this in other countries and maintain the core – trust and friendship.

JOHN SALT, Senior Business Manager



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