Optimissa have a standalone Quality Practice which can ensure that quality is measurably and actively embedded in our clients large scale projects, particularly where regulatory and audit oversight will be highly focused.

Project failure is often due to lack of quality embedded in a project from the outset. Regulators and audit will want to see evidence of the Quality standards and process used. The Quality practice helps you tackle this issue directly.



The Quality Practice overarches and assures the delivery teams using a separate reporting structure to the Business through Quality Management.
· Ensuring deliverables meet business and technical requirements using a quality based methodology, augmenting the existing gold standard, including internal QA.
· Quality governance embedded onto every phase and delivery through – Project initiation, Planning, Execution and Delivery, specifically assuring existing quality and delivery.


Revenue protection

Quality monitoring, validation, verification and control to assess key factors for overall product efficiency. Cost savings, short and long term.
· Ensure key quality validation from business and technical standpoints
· Ensure cyclical validation, using tooling where appropriate to contribute to and enhance project metrics and reporting from the Quality aspects per project.
· Assess and report on quality control and project quality gates, change and configuration management, quality based objectives and ensure long term survival of the project quality.


Governance and Risk management

Quality metrics and reporting assess key quality factors for high level revenue protection decisions, separate from delivery.
· Cost saving during programmes are significantly aided by independent business and risk based revenue assessment versus quality aspects of programme delivery.

Tom Egan
Head of Quality Assurance
Tom has built teams and departments from scratch and led them through change and project deliveries; undertaken detailed audit and functional assessment of systems; worked closely with executive sponsors to define outcomes, strategy and structure; and implemented efficiency and automation projects for long-term stability and revenue protection.
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