In finance, technology was a good ally a few years ago, but today it is completely mandatory to rely on sophisticated systems to handle your day-to-day tasks and to remain competitive. Our end users’ responsibilities include managing portfolios, risk control or price calculations being pushed to the markets.

Optimissa’s projects fall mostly in the following areas:

· Bespoke valuation engines
· Internal control, risk and compliance
· Market-making, pricing and flow management
· Collateral management and optimisation
· Electronic distribution
· Market connectivity
· Asset management

We offer our clients a highly skilled development centre that provides solutions from thought to delivery by leveraging our experience, knowledge and methodology. Regardless of the size of the project, we add value to your organisation. From small progressive projects to greenfield developments; from design to implementation.

Specialised knowledge drives to quality

Optimissa believes in knowledge as the main driver, the one that allows a company to deliver specialised software for such a demanding market. Our Business and IT Analysts have the background and expertise to assist you in the definition and design of each stage, helping you to take the most educated decisions in terms of functional flow, legal compliance or technical architecture.

Agile methodologies for open technologies

We have experience in delivering software for complex business environments and therefore, we have the ability to work with the latest open technologies:

· Java
· .net
· C++ · Oracle

Great emphasis is placed in meeting strict requirements that are constantly changing. We use CMMI and standard project management methodologies in combination with agile methodologies such as SCRUM. Low latency connectivity, high frequency trading or exotic assets valuation need the highest standards of quality so we have a well-defined QA methodology that combines business and technical experts in order to ensure the best possible output.

Integration as key concept

Based in our experience, we strongly believe that any sophisticated software must be able to comply with our clients’ standards. In Optimissa, we understand the value of data integrity, especially in an environment in which different market feeds, trade sources and legacy systems coexists organically. By leveraging our vast experience in integration projects and technologies, all our software developments are designed to enable your interaction with the rest of the world. You can always contact us for further information.