Competition nowadays requires performing in the most efficient manner all processes embedded in the value added chain, even those that are not the core of the financial business itself.

Additionally, organisations are increasingly subject to severe budget, performance and operational constrains, or have to deal with specific processes that require highly specialised staff or significant investments that are not worthwhile for small volumes.

Our approach

Optimissa can help its clients to meet these targets through its Professional Services, specialising in outsourcing the day-to-day handling of many critical or ancillary processes in modern financial companies.

The Professional Services division is composed of a group of specialists with a long background in understanding the client’s needs, who work assisted by the software and management tools designed by Optimissa.

Our teams can provide their services not only at client offices but also remotely, from Optimissa’s own premises, with the confidence that in both cases they will operate under the frame of a solid set of operational procedures and service level agreements tried and tested in many of the largest players in the banking and asset management market.

Key factors

Our success in this outsourcing area is a consequence of:

· Time and effort devoted not only to selecting the best specialist team, but also to maintaining a permanent contact between the client, the team, and Optimissa’s senior management

· The production, analysis and distribution of monthly key performance indicators (KPIs), promoting a continuous improvement shared jointly by the client and the outsourced team

· Synergies and efficiency gains that arise as a result of Optimissa’s knowledge being shared in several interconnected fields of expertise, such as: front and back office processes, systems and data integration or risk and compliance procedures

· The 24/7/365 support from our Intelligence Centre for problem-solving and incident management

· Optimissa’s capabilities to develop specific creative solutions around complex processes, far from other mainstream “out-of-the-shelf only” software vendors.

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