Optimissa’s range of products and services provide added value to both the buy side (asset managers) as well as the sell side (bank treasuries) of the financial industry.

Our key clients are mainly financial intermediaries, but also large corporate treasuries with a strong engagement in capital markets to support its ordinary course of business.


Success in financial intermediation is highly dependent on technology. In a landscape of increasing competitive pressures and margin narrowing, efficiency targets can only be met streamlining key processes:

· Straight Through Processing (STP) that enables the entire trading process and electronic payment transactions made with no need for re-keying or for manual intervention, subject to legal and regulatory restrictions
· Trades reconstruction, traceability and reporting to market and regulatory bodies
· Collateral management and automated delivery of information and assets with counterparties
· Complex treasury processes related to portfolio management and risk control
· Retail and institutional multichannel product distribution
· Integration of market data and third party applications

Insurance companies and asset managers

Their core business is the efficient management of segregated portfolios of marketable securities and other financial investments, subject to the accounting, valuation and regulatory guidelines specific to them:

· Portfolio keeping and rebalancing tools
· Pre-trade compliance and risk applications
· Efficient back office and reporting processes
· Reconciling tools
· Connections with payment systems and depositories

Brokerage firms

Under strict regulatory constraints in terms of transparency, code of conduct, and reporting, access to markets and financial products distribution require real time data and efficient connectivity to clients and brokers:

· Integration of market data and third party applications
· Trades reconstruction, traceability and reporting to market and regulatory bodies

Corporate treasuries

Large companies frequently invest their liquidity excess in the financial markets, or enter into derivative transactions to hedge their currency or commodities exposure. In order to carry out these activities, they require specific applications and processes to measure, value and control their positions and the risk involved. You can always contact us for further information.