Spanish bank upgrades to Murex’s MX.3 with Optimissa

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of a Murex upgrade to version MX.3 at a banking institution.

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Our culture fosters both entrepreneurship and autonomy. From your first day at Optimissa, you will strengthen our clients and help lead them to success. You will be able to enjoy an exciting and challenging job.

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Last October 31, my third work anniversary in this firm crept on me. Now nobody is listening… during my first few months here not even I believed this moment would arrive. I wasn’t fifteen years old, but I believe that back then, and despite having some experience in consultancy …    

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Optimissa has launched its 2015 Scolarship Programme, with grants awarded to fund a master’s degree specialised in finance during the academic year 2015-2016. Once the application period finished, the first members of the staff who have been awarded the scholarship will start their studies in the IEB (Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles) on 16 January.    

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Empresas que motivan: Optimissa Capital Markets Consulting

  This entry is only available in Spanish · 26 de Noviembre de 2014 – Charlamos con Eugenia Ponte, directora de Recursos Humanos de Optimissa Capital Markets Consulting, empresa cliente de Edenred, sobre motivación, productividad, talento… ¿Cómo entendéis la motivación desde Optimissa Capital Markets Consulting? Entendemos la motivación a nuestros empleados como un valor fundamental. Nosotros no producimos objetos, sino que nuestro principal capital es el valor humano que ofrecemos a nuestros clientes y que nos diferencia, cuando el trabajo de nuestros colaboradores es mejor que lo “normal”. ¿Qué beneficios creéis que tiene para la buena marcha de la empresa …

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Optimissa expands in Barcelona

Optimissa has just opened its brand-new office in Sabadell (Barcelona). This new opening strengthens our commitment to local clients by providing them with a personalised service. An excellent team based in the new location will offer the same portfolio of solutions, methodologies and quality found in our headquarters. With this new addition, Optimissa continues its expansion plan, which has allowed the firm to consolidate and build up its client portfolio. The company now boasts five offices located in London, New York, Madrid and Barcelona from which we make our experience and specialisation available to these markets. The contact details of …

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Optimissa discovering new opportunities

As I write this having driven through the floodplains of England, having interacted with people in the ice cities of Toronto and New York and jealously to those in warmer climates such as Singapore and Dubai and indeed my Head Office City – Madrid– via Skype, phone, webex , email, – I ask myself – is climate change related to changes in communication? I decide not (though I am not sure) but do realise how far we have come – how easy it is to correspond. I remember doing the daily call with New York in the Eighties as a …

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Mercados Eficientes, Derivados Financieros y Nobel de Economía 2013

This entry is only available in Spanish · El Premio 2013 del Banco Central de Suecia en Ciencias Económicas, en memoria de Alfred Nobel, fue otorgado a Eugene Fama, Robert Shiller y Lars Peter Hansen por su contribución al análisis empírico de los precios de los activos. Desde 1997 no se otorgaba el Nobel de Economía a estudios sobre mercados financieros. La nota de prensa de la Real Academia de las Ciencias de Suecia ( señala que no es posible predecir el precio de acciones y bonos al muy corto plazo pero es posible anticipar la evolución de éstos para …

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La apuesta por el Talento

This entry is only available in Spanish · Desde los años 90 la cuestión de la Gestión del Capital Humano, o Gestión del Talento, ha sido una cuestión ampliamente abordada en el ámbito de las organizaciones y más concretamente dentro del mundo empresarial. A día de hoy, resulta impensable la idea de cualquier compañía que no tenga implementada, en mayor o menor medida, una política para detectar, buscar, atraer, seleccionar, capacitar, desarrollar, retener, promover y movilizar a sus empleados en función de sus capacidades profesionales y su potencial de crecimiento. En los Departamentos de Recursos Humanos se trabaja siembre manteniendo …

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Optimissa New Offices

We are happy to continue to share with you our good news. The constant development of new projects from our Intelligence Centre and the development of new business areas such as Strategic Consulting, leads us to expand our work space.    

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