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In Optimissa we are pleased of having had the opportunity of participating in the SEMINAR ON ADVANCED COLLATERAL MANAGEMENT, organised by the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB) in Madrid.

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Optimissa, together with the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB), is playing a part in the Advanced Collateral Management Conference (September 22nd, from 7 pm to 10 pm). Our colleague and 2Cover Product Manager, Eduardo Ramos, will be part of the speakers panel, which includes experts in the field from several leading entities in the industry.

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We are pleased to have our Mexican talents in our Madrid office for this period of intensive immersion. The arrival of the participants in the Talent Challenge marks the beginning of the internationalisation of our Intelligence Centre, since the teams from both sides of the ocean will have the opportunity to exchange their knowledge and to start working hand by hand.

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Globalisation of Optimissa’s Recruitment department

Optimissa extends its HR department with a new team in Mexico, marking the beginning of its internationalisation. In the next few months, new hires will join the company in London and Barcelona.

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Lumina Americas and Optimissa have signed a collaboration agreement. Our new Latin-American partner is a specialist in software solutions for the financial sector. Its product range covers a range from front office, back office, risk management and asset management to connectivity with different markets. With fourteen years of experience in the region, Lumina Americas uses advanced technologies and architectures that offer fast and flexible solutions.  

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Following the launch of a new office in Barcelona last year, Optimissa focuses now its expansion plan in LatAm. The firm’s international development started in 2013, when it opened its doors in London and New York. Our innovative philosophy continues to transcend borders with our newly-established presence in Mexico.

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Our culture fosters both entrepreneurship and autonomy. From your first day at Optimissa, you will strengthen our clients and help lead them to success. You will be able to enjoy an exciting and challenging job.

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Optimissa expands in Barcelona

Optimissa has just opened its brand-new office in Sabadell (Barcelona). This new opening strengthens our commitment to local clients by providing them with a personalised service. An excellent team based in the new location will offer the same portfolio of solutions, methodologies and quality found in our headquarters. With this new addition, Optimissa continues its expansion plan, which has allowed the firm to consolidate and build up its client portfolio. The company now boasts five offices located in London, New York, Madrid and Barcelona from which we make our experience and specialisation available to these markets. The contact details of …

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Optimissa’s 6th anniversary

We are celebrating Optimissa’s sixth anniversary this week. From the beginning, we have invested in dedication, work, enthusiasm and passion so that our first steps were posible and, after six years, we are proud of the long road we have traveled and of everyone who has accompanied us, has joined efforts and shared our passion. Thanks to all of you who make Optimissa: clients, providers, consultants and staff for doing your job with the excellence that defines us so we can grow bigger every day. Congratulations!    

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Optimissa discovering new opportunities

As I write this having driven through the floodplains of England, having interacted with people in the ice cities of Toronto and New York and jealously to those in warmer climates such as Singapore and Dubai and indeed my Head Office City – Madrid– via Skype, phone, webex , email, – I ask myself – is climate change related to changes in communication? I decide not (though I am not sure) but do realise how far we have come – how easy it is to correspond. I remember doing the daily call with New York in the Eighties as a …

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