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We are pleased to have our Mexican talents in our Madrid office for this period of intensive immersion. The arrival of the participants in the Talent Challenge marks the beginning of the internationalisation of our Intelligence Centre, since the teams from both sides of the ocean will have the opportunity to exchange their knowledge and to start working hand by hand.

We are pleased to have our Mexican talents in our Madrid office for this period of intensive immersion. The arrival of the participants in the Talent Challenge marks the beginning of the internationalisation of our Intelligence Centre, since the teams from both sides of the ocean will have the opportunity to exchange their knowledge and to start working hand by hand. We give a warm welcome to the participants to Spain and we wish them a nice and productive stay.

We will be posting below on this same page all the information about this first chapter of the TALENT CHALLENGE in Spain. This is how a challenge is overcome!

Who will be next?

07/08/2015 · Day 10

Last day and farewell!

Today is the day, our first and intensive Talent Challenge is coming to the end and our colleagues are heading back to Mexico with plenty of new knowledge and enriched with the experience in Madrid. We have made some interviews to them in order to sum-up the most important matters of these last two weeks and we have gone together for a farewell lunch, or we should better say see you soon, as they deserve.

It has been a pleasure to have shared these days together, and we wish you all the best on your return.

Go for it Optimissa MEXICO! We want to see you GROW!

06/08/2015 · Day 9

Talent Challenge 2015

Lumina workflow

During this day, their penultimate with us, our Mexican colleagues took a close look at the technical aspects of Lumina workflow. This lesson was intended to show them the specific functions of the typical positions they will be filling to work on the different projects in Mexico and in the future development of Optimissa in the region.

05/08/2015 · Day 8

Putting training into practice

On Wednesday our talents spent the whole day with the Human Resources team formed by Anastasiia and Ainhoa. They have been actively looking for candidates with experience in Java and .Net technologies for the Intelligence Centre in Madrid as well as for candidates with experience in Java for Barcelona. They were also in touch with their Manager in Mexico, Carlos Jorba, and with Carlos Molina in order to follow up on the open processes we currently have with our clients in Mexico City. This way, they started to put into practice how to introduce the company to candidates so they can do the same when in Mexico, making a big difference with a new model of ongoing training, teamwork and professional growth.

And the anecdote of the day was that they went to have lunch to Taco Bell! Being away from home for a few days is already wreaking havoc. They miss their country’s food.

04/08/2015 · Day 7

Training and practice

Today, our Mexican team paid special attention to the specific tasks that work as the driving force for our company by focusing on the new market in the Federal District. This great and exciting challenge for Optimissa’s future demands a process of exceptional learning and commitment. This is the reason why our new colleagues are taking part in these activities.

Among them, they took part in a Human Resources Shadowing experience which consisted of carrying out interviews to functional profiles that will work on projects in our Intelligence Centre, introducing Optimissa to candidates and looking for .Net and Java candidates. With these activities, they were able to connect with Optimissa’s values and philosophy, to deal with the selection processes and to use CATS.

In addition, they studied the typical profiles of Lumina Americas, our partner in the Mexican capital, and attended a lesson about Lumina Software given by Lucio Dinoto. They had the chance to learn about Lumina components, presentation, WorkFlow, Businnes Logic, the implementation of Lumina systems in investment banking in Mexico, Lumina Order Router, Front Office, Middle Office, Back Office, Lumina connectivity, and the process follow-up in Mexico.

Let’s continue moving forward!

03/08/2015 · Day 6

Second week in Madrid

After a long flight right from the Mexico City office to Madrid’s office, the jet lag and a whole week full of challenges, our dear Mexican colleagues finally enjoyed their first weekend of relaxation in Madrid and they are back with renewed energy. Today it has been a long day of training and they have had the opportunity to meet more fellow mates in the meal scheduled at lunchtime with Carlos Velasco (Manager), Anastasiia (HR), Manuel Martínez (Finance) and Silvia de Pablo (Administration).

We wish you a great week full of knowledge and productivity!

31/07/2015 · Day 5

Our talents have made it through this intensive first week. During the morning, they attended specialised sessions according to their profile. During the afternoon, they got together to take part in a class in which they reviewed their knowledge on markets. More next week. Get some rest during the weekend!

30/07/2015 · Day 4

Tapas-hopping in Madrid

As a complement to the intensive learning of the lessons during the day, we have included in the programme a cultural session at night: tapas-hopping in the city centre of Madrid. All in all, how is anyone going to work in a Spanish company without knowing what a pincho and a caña are? We began our tour in Sol, stopping by the Kilometre 0 and heading towards the Plaza Mayor, Cava Baja and wandering around the narrow streets of La Latina neighbourhood. Introduction to the capital’s city centre: checked.

29/07/2015 · Day 3


We continued working with the participants of the Talent Challenge in order for them to go into detail about all the products we have developed in-house. Our project managers prepared different sessions so our new talents could gain a solid understanding of each product regardless of their profile: either functional, technical or recruiter. It is also of great importance that they gain full knowledge of the third-party tools with which we work. That is why we invited our Murex expert today. We would like to thank all the trainers who supported the Talent Challenge and shared their time, knowledge and, above all, their teamwork skills. You are the best!

28/07/2015 · Day 2

Talent Challenge 2

Jet lag, yellow lantern chili y gorditas

Despite the jet lag, our talents started their second day ready for battle. They first went through our products, which they will study in depth both from a technical and a functional point of view. They were also initiated into the gastronomic pleasures with the Spanish salmorejo, which is typically made in the summer, and the Spaniards on the table received a master class (it was a pity it was only theoretical) in yellow lantern chili and fried stuffed corn cake called gorditas. During the afternoon, they got back to business and worked with the teams.

27/07/2015 · Day 1

Talent Challenge Día 1

The arrival

After all the travel preparations and a slight delay in the flights, our first Talent Challengers have crossed the ocean to land in Optimissa’s Madrid office. We are delighted to have them finally here with us. After Maximiliano Martínez’s welcome, the first session focused on the company itself: who we are, what we do and for whom we work. Little by Little (and as the jet lag goes away), they will get themselves immersed in Optimissa’s big family.

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