Based on our experience around third party systems and building ad-hoc pieces of software,
and mixing it with a deep business understanding, we can currently offer our own proprietary systems.
One of our differentiators is the ability to mix out-of-shelf solutions with a significant potential for customisation.

Business Consultancy
Financial Markets are constantly facing new challenges. We excel in giving a strategic approach to the understanding of a complex problem.

Finance Technology
We apply a bespoke point of view to everything we create. Optimissa has a highly skilled development centre team that tailors software for our clients.

Our clients usually need to rely on consultants besides their vendors. We built our skillset from the ground up ending with a wide offering of solutions around third party products.

Intelligence Centre

In 2010, Optimissa launched its Intelligence Centre, with the aim of servicing clients from our headquarters in Madrid. Today, a team of over fifty specialists works relentlessly to fulfil your needs and go beyond your expectations. We can offer an exceptional level of expertise in the key areas of capital markets, especially in the field of e-markets connectivity. We give utmost importance to quality assurance and follow the latest standards to ensure excellence, while keeping an agile and flexible project management methodology.







We have built a range of out-of-the-box products specifically created
to suit the needs of entities in the capital markets field
Our Products



Optimissa is a global specialised services company, with operational offices in Madrid and Barcelona. There are also representative offices in the UK and USA as a point of contact for international projects.

The company was formed as a result of the union of several professionals in Capital Markets, who combine business and technological skills. The working ethos of the company is “specialisation makes the difference”.

Optimissa brings together different professionals with extensive experience within the consultancy sector. This level of experience and our high level of customer service ensures that we help our customer by getting closer to their needs through specialisation.



Since 2008, a history of constant development and growth
  • 2014
  • · New offices in Sabadell

    · European-wide partnership with SWIFT (exclusive in Spain)

    1 July, 2014
  • · International expansion: Optimissa USA

    · New brand: Optimissa Consulting

    2 April, 2014
  • 2012
  • · Partnertship with Bloomberg

    · New division: SaaP & SaaS

    · Expansion to other sectors of finance

    1 July, 2012
  • · International expansion: Optimissa UK

    · Intelligence Centre launch

    2 April, 2012
  • 2010
  • · Software Factory launch

    2 July, 2010
  • · New headquarters in Madrid

    2 April, 2010
  • 2008
  • · Sole focus on capital markets, mainly services and outsourcing

    2 July, 2008
  • · Start of Optimissa’s operations

    2 April, 2008



Optimissa Clientes


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